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Interested in being paired with a peer mentor? Applications for the 2023-2024 academic year will open this summer in alignment with New Student Orientation. Check back later for more information. 

What Is a Mentor?

U Life Mentors (ULMs) provide guidance, resources, advice, connections, and support to new U of U students. Through a shared identity of being a student, the mentor and mentee relationship improves the first-year experience and builds a connection to the U. 

ULMs are students from various backgrounds who serve as role models to new students. Mentors desire to instill a sense of confidence and community among their mentees. They assist with the transition to university life through individualized meetings, hosting events with Undergraduate Studies, and maintaining ongoing communication throughout the academic year. Mentee needs will differ, and mentors will provide support as needed.

College is a new experience, and the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the U LIFE Mentors are committed to helping you be successful. The mentor program is an exceptional way for you to build a network of peers and staff members who can help you make the most of your campus experience!

Last Updated: 8/16/23